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Fortunately, Word, being a Microsoft word processor, has a function that allows you to compare two different versions of a document. If you write on a regular basis, comparing past and present Word document versions of text files may be very useful. In Notepad++, every line of code that is added, deleted, or modified in any manner is highlighted. These distinctions will be color-coded so that users can keep track of them more easily. These are some of the basic features available in Notepad++ compare plugin.

There are advantages in completely replacing Notepad with Notepad++. For example, third party software such as FTP allows you to edit text files on the server by first downloading the file and then automatically opening it with Notepad. Although this can be changed most of the time in the software, it would be troublesome and time consuming to configure all the installed applications on your computer. Notepad++ is a great text editor and you can make it even better by using these Windows keyboard shortcuts. Whether you’re a programmer looking for a simple solution to dump your code, or you’re searching for an easy-to-use text editor with more shazam, Notepad++ is a fine choice.

How to Use Notepad++ to See Special Characters In Your ASCII Import File

This tool is an online+offline tool and is very easy to use. You can open this tool simply on your browser, paste your text and start comparing them. It is one of the best text comparison tools on this list because of its user interface and the ability to use filters to compare differences in text, images, and other elements. ExamDiff is a file comparison tool that is straightforward to use. Unlike other tools, it does not spend more on looks but does so on functionality. For example, it automatically detects any differences between your files and highlights them to you for action.

  • The Alt technique works for controls other than buttons as well, e.g., a checkbox control can be checked/unchecked via pressing its Alt key command.
  • Alternatively, you can install the app directly from the Microsoft Store app.
  • Different languages are supported together with auto-completion, syntax highlighting and code folding.
  • It supports global skinning for all apps in Windows but I believe you can also give it special instructions for skinning individual apps.

The text file you were trying to open will open in Notepad++ in a dark theme along with all other text files on your system. This way, you can have a black notepad alternative set up in no time with Notepad++ dark mode Windows 10. The biggest news is Notepad now supports dark mode. By default, Notepad will match users’ system theme preferences, but users can change the option in the settings page for Notepad, which also includes font options. Also listed is a „Classic” mode for opening files, though exactly how that differs from the default experience remains to be seen. As the name suggests, it is an advanced version of the default application present on the PC.

Method 1: Install Notepad From Optional Features

Finally, in the Color Style field, select the new background color that you wish to apply. In this article we will explain how to change the background color and foreground color in Notepad++. Of course, you can download other Notepad++ change themes from the Github source and install them as we explain in the above steps.

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Notepad++ is a very popular Notepad replacement and source code editor that is very powerful and has a ton of features. Unfortunately, these features do come with a price as some of its basic preferences are hidden in the settings for the program. As you will be aware, Notepad++ implements code folding in source code files. This feature allows you to hide and show the contents of programming structures like functions and namespaces. But what you might not know is that Notepad++ also includes options for hiding arbitrary content. Notepad++ is the most popular open-source text editor for Windows computers.